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Closing the Gap in Healthcare Information: An Open Invitation from Medicom

Closing the Gap in Healthcare Information: An Open Invitation from Medicom

It's finally here! Our inaugural blog, our first of many to come. We've long been anticipating this moment , and what better time to share this post than right now as we are attending HIMSS23 in Chicago, Illinois! 

If you're not familiar with Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) or with us, Medicom Technologies, Inc. (Medicom), we are so happy to have a chance to connect with you. We want to take time to share who we are, how we got started and why attending a conference like HIMSS23 is so impactful.

HIMSS23: Connection and Innovation

Attending conferences like HIMSS has always been an opportunity for Medicom to reconnect with our roots and our story. In networking with fellow conference attendees, partners and even our current customers, we are immersed in the purpose behind our day to day responsibilities, behind why we do what we do. We refocus on our singular mission: to reverse a century-long trend of increased waste by aggregating relevant clinical information, creating a world where every human has access to high-quality, affordable, information-driven healthcare. 

This event brings together tens of thousands of healthcare professionals from all over the world to share ideas, learn from industry experts, and develop partnerships that can advance technology in healthcare for the benefit of patients and providers alike. As a healthtech company dedicated to creating innovative solutions for patients, health systems, and life sciences, we are thrilled to be a part of such a world class event. We are so excited to have our CEO, President, and Director of Strategic Partnerships working and learning alongside some of the best minds in healthcare. 

If you are reading this at HIMSS in Chicago, we'd love to connect. Click here to schedule a meeting with our Medicom attendees, and continue reading to learn more about who we are!

Medicom: A Look at Our Story

The idea behind Medicom first surfaced in 2015 at NC State University in Raleigh, North Carolina. Our founders, Michael Rosenberg (CEO) and Malcolm Benitz (President), developed the vision for Medicom out of their own lived experience as patients impacted by gaps in healthcare technology. Because there’s no better way to understand a problem than to encounter it yourself, they realized these gaps didn’t need to remain gaps for long. They had an idea for technology that could provide a much needed solution to this industry wide problem they had experienced: the absence of interoperability in healthcare. 

Experience and excitement for the possibility of change fueled their mission. They began consulting with highly tenured healthcare professionals, especially in fields such as radiology and research. To ensure that their ideas for healthcare interoperability were truly in line with the needs of healthcare teams across the country, they committed to nurturing these trusted advisor relationships and utilizing the expertise of medical professionals to complement their own strong technical and business acumen. And thus, Medicom Technologies, Inc. was born.

From Raleigh, to Phoenix, to Everywhere Else 

Now, eight years later, we have a thriving network of healthcare systems across the country. We have offices in both Raleigh and Phoenix and have a number of employees working remote all across the country. With nearly 1,000 customers collectively transferring over 2 million patient images annually, we are well on our way to helping healthcare organizations displace the status quo of legacy solutions that require timely, manual, and resource-intensive workflows that disrupt continuity of care. We serve both the private and public health sectors, working alongside health systems like the VA in their pursuit of delivering better, more accessible healthcare to Veterans across the country. Medicom Intellect, our suite of products for medical research, leverages our health information network, Medicom Connect. Through the relationship between Medicom Connect and Medicom Intellect, Medicom customers on our health information network have been supporting the development of machine learning and AI applications, advancing healthcare research that impacts millions of lives. The mutually agreed upon access to large, de-identified patient datasets and longitudinal clinical information for academic research and life sciences is a focal point for us in 2023. 

Our products provide intuitive solutions for problems caused by siloed patient data. We help alleviate the administrative, operational and clinical burdens resulting from the lack of interoperability that plagues the healthcare industry. It is common for a hospital or clinic to burn patient images on CDs and DVDs for the purpose of sharing with external care teams that are treating the same patient. Often, those images can’t even be accessed, so patients are re-imaged, causing delays in care and needlessly consuming time and resources. 

While other industries enjoy freedom from these data silos and have modernized sharing capabilities across organizational, regional, and national boundaries, healthcare is working to catch up. But, the pressure upon hospitals, clinics and other health systems in 2023 is mounting - they are overworked, under-staffed, under-resourced and sometimes inundated with more patients than they can serve. 

And that is why Medicom exists.

We are participating in finding solutions and translating opportunities for growth into action. We see these gaps in healthcare technology and the people they affect, and we know that our innovative and empathetic approach to problem solving will have an even greater impact in the years ahead. And most importantly, we care. A lot. We want a better healthcare experience for every person receiving healthcare in the United States, and we want the people on the front lines serving those patients to have tools that make their jobs, and their lives, much easier. 

For those of you who resonate with our mission, want to learn more about Medicom or are HIMSS23 attendees looking to connect, we are eager to meet you. At Medicom, we are committed to advancing healthcare technology for the greater good of patients and providers alike and driving insights for a healthier world, but we can’t do it alone.